Core Aeration

Person holding small plugs of soil from lawn

Treat your lawn. Invigorate it by removing plugs from the soil and letting it breath. What’s the use applying nutrients, water, and care if the soil can’t receive it? Our core aeration allows for deeper penetration of these vital elements to the root zone of your lawn. Get the most out of your lawn care and relieve your lawn from compaction and thatch so it can thrive.

Our Process

If you have a lawn, you’ll want to spend time in it. That’s a given. But foot traffic, and other environmental factors, can make it worn, weak, and compressed over time. How can you relieve it without causing more damage? Core aeration in Northeast Ohio breaks through thatch and removes small plugs of soil and deposits them on the surface. This means your lawn can breathe, stretch out its roots, and return to health without losing any of its existing nutrients.

Send Nutrients Deep into the Soil

Have you been caring for your lawn and seeing less-than-expected results? Applying nutrients and treatments to a compacted lawn is like attempting to pour water into a jar of compacted sand. Our core aeration service breaks up the soil to make pathways for essential nutrients, water, and oxygen without damaging your grass. We use modern machinery for deep, even penetration, with special attention towards high-trafficked and thatch-laden areas.

Why Core Aeration?

Our core aeration service takes the task of thickening and revitalizing your lawn off your shoulders. You’ll get care from an expert technician whose trained and experienced in maximizing the aeration treatment for your lawn. We understand and employ proper techniques, know how to maximize the effects of the powerful aerator, along with the most favorable conditions during which to aerate your lawn. All of these combine assures the best possible results for your lawn with this rejuvenating treatment.

Machine aerating lawn
Hand touching grass
Sharp Lawns lawnmower

We aerate in the fall to allow for best results in the Youngstown area. All it takes is a single visit. One of our highly trained technicians will come to your home and consult with you about your unique concerns and needs. We will then survey your entire property to understand the level of compaction and identify highly-trafficked or browning areas that need extra attention. We use a powerful, professional-grade aerator that removes plugs of soil 2-3 inches deep and then places them on the surface of your turf. By removing the plugs from the ground, the roots in the soil will have greater access to nutrients and water. Because the plugs are then deposited on the surface, no nutrient is lost but is instead incorporated back into the soil as the plugs begin to break down. Our Aeration Service requires just a single visit to get your lawn breathing again.

Core Aeration illustration